Dell OEM weighs in on green technologies used in the military

Recently, Dell OEM Solutions’ Jeff Van Horn was asked by Electronic Component News: How can the U.S. military more fully incorporate green technologies and how will they improve operating efficiency?

The question was posed in a recurring feature in the publication called “Brainstorm,”which poses a question to industry leaders about a specfic vertical. This time it was military and aerospace.

Van Horn was in good company in the piece, which shared the opinions of technologists from: API Technologies, Molex and Vectron.

He closed his comments by sharing this:

Recent trends indicate that the US military will continue to move towards greener technologies. Virtualization and advanced power management in various components highlight industry advancements, enabling militaries across the planet to cut costs and utilize COTS equipment wherever possible.

Dell OEM Solutions is particularly well suited to meet the needs of companies developing solutions for the military and aerospace because of its ability to provide hardware that balances off-the-shelf, standards-based hardware with the unique needs of this vertical.

About the Author: Karen Siuda