Dell OEM Solutions goes to Interop NY

I am very excited to be going to Interop in New York this year. When thought leaders and innovators in networking technology get together for these events the resulting controlled chaos can lead to real-world change and new innovation. There will be dozens, if not hundreds, of Dell OEM customers (such as Riverbed and Enterasys) filling the show floor with their custom solutions based on Dell standard hardware. I cannot wait to see my old friends, colleagues and customers as I wander about or as they come to the Dell booth (#337) and visit the Dell OEM area.

After more than nine years in the hardware OEM business, I have grown to love the great thinking that comes from the companies which attend this event. The future will be on display for all to see, and we will get to carry the torch of change out to the masses.

With advances in real technologies surrounding the cloud, security, inspection, and compliance, the hype machine will shift to a solution-providing train. I hope to learn from my peers in the industry about their new solutions and products.

I will be paying special attention to the cloud space – especially cloud-enhancing appliances. The hype machine which has driven a broad wall of expectations is starting to run out of fuel while real solutions that make the cloud accessible by the larger market, should be apparent at the show.

I am also looking forward to seeing the realization of converged networking. A single wire connecting every device to the network is fast becoming a reality and we’ll likely see plenty of examples of this at Interop. Intelligent networks mean the end of building out parallel networks for each application or service. This new technology could be the game changing play that moves the world of data communications into this decade.

With so many new innovations flooding the market, I am certain I will be pleasantly surprised to learn about capabilities and solutions I had never expected or imagined while I am at the show.

Look me up at the Dell booth (#337) on the show floor. I want to discover what you have learned at the show.

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About the Author: Franklin Flint