Dell OEM solutions: 10 must-reads of 2010

As we move into 2011, I wanted to highlight some of the top blog posts in 2010.  From customer stories to trends, our team tackled a variety of topics including technology, storage, supply chain, cloud, and services for OEMs to name a few.  It was difficult to choose only ten blogs from our growing archives and we are excited to provide even more compelling content this year.

So without further ado, here are the top posts of 2010 in no particular order:

A cool-blue innovation in cloud storage – In many regards, one of the most interesting aspects of Dell OEM Solutions are our customer’s solutions and Cirtas Systems is no exception.  Franklin Flint, Technology Evangelist, describes their new Bluejet Cloud Storage Controller based on Dell hardware as something to take notice of.

Inside Dell’s custom shop: generic boxes ready for your applications – Here we get an inside scope from Patty Nebhut, Program Manager in the OEM Product Group, discussing the OEM-Ready line of products.  If you want to understand de-branded servers and Dell OEM capabilities, this video is for you.

Four Key Trends Affecting OEM Supply Chains Today – Although Craig Delano only covered the first two parts of this series, he start to break down the four fundamental technology trends that will help evolve supply chains including movement towards standardized, packaged applications, new 80/20 rule, collaborative applications and “Ops Grids.”

The costs of a long life – Josh Neland, Technology Evangelist, raises the concerns and challenges associated with product releases and transitions.

Top 6 Questions OEMs Should Ask about Cloud – Our OEM team touches on cloud related topics on a regular basis, but Corbin Moore’s blog stands out as a high level guide to help OEMs start to evaluate cloud solutions.

Are transitions causing pain? Extended life platforms might just help. – Franklin Flint takes on a common pain point for OEMs: movement of a solution from one platform to a new platform.

Leveraging your supplier’s strengths . . . one customer’s story – Josh Neland exemplifies through a real customer example how treating a supplier like a partner can sometimes save you time and money.

A Story about Remote Management – Josh Neland discusses the importance of monitoring and management through a story that will ring true in many aspects with those involved in product launches.

Blog Me, Tweet Me…Dell OEM’s Inaugural Blogger Day – Although relatively new to social media and blogging, Dell OEM Solutions hosted an exclusive blogger day for a set of technology bloggers.  Karen Siuda, our communications lead, describes the day and some of our results.

Now, it’s your turn to tell us what you think.  What topics are you interested in us covering in 2011?  What blogs in 2010 resonated the most in your business?  Make sure to leave your suggestions and ideas in our comments.

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About the Author: Samantha Needham