Dell OEM Custom Shop mods a PowerEdge R310

When I looked at my ringing mobile phone the Caller-ID said “Dell, Inc.” and I assumed it was a co-worker reminding me about an important meeting I had forgotten. Instead the voice at the other end of the call excitedly whispered in a consciously hushed tone, “I’ve got something you need to see. The world needs to know about it.” Who was this? He sounded vaguely familiar and I asked what he was speaking about to which he responded, “I saw the videos you’ve posted where Ric McKinney was talking about some showcase projects. I have something you need to see. Bring your camera.”

The cryptic nature of the call made my mind run wild! What was this about? Gravity defying racks? A petabyte of storage in a 1U chassis? Servers that used residual heat to make coffee? What was I going to see?

I urgently made my way across the Dell campus in Round Rock to visit this mystery man in his lab, a magical place filled with strange technology unlike anything I had ever seen. When he showed up at his desk, about 10 minutes late (of which I’ll forgive him given the nature of the stuff he showed me), I was eager to see what he had to offer. To my immense pleasure, this engineer, Zac Cravens, pointed out an opened up PowerEdge R310 and I started filming.

Zac, the Dell OEM Solutions Mechanical Lead for non-Standard Systems, walked me through a very elegant carrier for the R310 which replaced the available optical drive in the system with a SSD. The solution was so well thought out, it was obvious how to use it and it could be re-used for dozens of other customers who may need a similar solution without a lengthy and costly re-engineering process.

Thanks Zac!

When he had finished his demo of this custom OEM-Ready R310 solution I thought I had struck pay-dirt; then he got a twinkle in his eyes, looked around to see if anyone was nearby, and when he was sure no one else was listening said, “I have more – an even more technically exciting project I want to show you.”

Stay tuned for what followed by subscribing to our blog. You’re going to love what he showed me next.

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About the Author: Franklin Flint