Dell KACE™ integrates with Intel® vPro™ Technology to boost remote management capabilities

Technology partnerships enable customers to realize the full potential of their solutions by offering a holistic user experience through seamless integration and highly beneficial synergies. As a comprehensive system management company, Dell KACE is committed to partnering with industry leading technologies to deliver best of breed solutions to our customers. Dell KACE announces integration with Intel® vPro™ Technology to offer enhanced remote management and recovery capabilities that help save time and money for organizations.

Intel technology is ubiquitous and runs 80% of the computing systems in the world. Intel’s most recent vPro technology allows remote management of Intel-based systems even when the systems have hardware or startup issues. Dell KACE offers industry leading system management solutions that are easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable and fulfill all of the systems management needs of organizations of all sizes. Together Dell KACE and Intel vPro technology deliver enhanced remote management and recovery capabilities by enabling customers to remotely address hardware related issues thereby allowing them to cut travel and shipping expenses, optimize IT labor costs and resolve issues much faster than ever before.

Join us for a 1 hour live webinar to learn more about the integration of KACE Appliances with Intel vPro technology.

About the Author: Saranya Babu