Dell KACE and Dell SecureWorks enable organizations achieve and maintain PCI compliance

According to a recent study on PCI Compliance trends data breaches steadily increased in the last two years but organizations that were PCI Compliant had significantly fewer breaches than those that were not. And yet only 12% of the organizations believed that PCI Compliance reduced data loss or theft. Clearly there is lack of awareness about how important and critical PCI Compliance is, which seems to be the biggest factor against the adoption of PCI Compliance standards.

Any organization that transmits, processes or stores payment card information, like retail stores, hospitals, schools, hotels and those with cafeterias or boutique shops etc., are required to implement PCI compliance with huge penalties for non-compliance. However many organizations do not know how to get started on the journey to PCI compliance or even have a sense of where they are in the path to compliance. Dell SecureWorks can help organizations get started quickly by offering evaluation and assessment services. They offer consultation services to help organizations plan and implement PCI compliance and also offer ongoing monitoring and assessments through managed and hosted services. Dell KACE provides critical tools to achieve and maintain PCI compliance. A wide range of PCI compliant Dell partner products that deliver various capabilities across the IT stack are also available to customers. Together Dell KACE, Dell SecureWorks and Dell partner products provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution that enables organizations of all sizes to achieve and maintain PCI compliance.

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About the Author: Saranya Babu