Dell Integrated Solution for Oracle Database

Information Technology systems administrators are an over-worked bunch of professionals. There is no dearth of unique challenges for these trusted data center lieutenants. Most of the time, their challenges mask the underlying requirement from the business. The classic outcome in such a siloed environment is that each team comes up with half-truths that create new puzzles to be resolved.

In such a complex IT world, both database administrators (DBA) and System Admins (SA) wish for an infrastructure that will eliminate the dreaded after-hours support calls and help to meet the ever pressing business  service level agreements (SLA). A reliable infrastructure can deliver performance to handle even those runaway queries, provide a platform engineered to run databases with less complexity, and merge the IT departmental silos to a common IT administration platform. We at Dell understand these needs and have an Oracle database infrastructure built to solve your problems.  Presenting Dell Integrated Solution for Oracle Database. 

Business requirements have evolved and require future-ready applications that stress the database platform to the maximum. Dell Integrated Systems for Oracle Database combine award-winning Dell PowerEdge server technology with the Dell Acceleration Appliance for Databases (DAAD), delivering extremely high performance in just 19U of rack space.  With up to one million IOPs and super low latency, this DAAD powered system can run even the most poorly-written query in a fraction of the time traditionally required. Any SLA thrown to the IT teams for new database infrastructure is met with confidence and agility – cutting down months of design, deployment and operational complexity.

Often, after-hours support calls are due to design lapses that fail to address the redundancy and robustness required to support a mission critical database. Dell Integrated Systems for Oracle Database, pre-installed and optimized with Oracle Linux, and ready for installation of Oracle database SE, EE & RAC clustering is certified and optimized for high availability. Two PowerEdge R920 Oracle RAC nodes, OVC & HCL certified for scalability and trusted reliability, offer a choice of 2 or 4 high clock speed, low core count Intel E7 processors. 12TB of mirrored flash storage (24TB raw) from two Dell Acceleration Appliances for Databases, each with 4 x 3TB Fusion-iO iODrive2 NAND flash disk drives brings performance usually reserved for expensive appliances. Dell OpenManage Plug-in and SanDisk Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c enable management of infrastructure and software from one console.

So, in short, the Dell Integrated System for Oracle Database combines performance, availability and engineering reliability that is usually missing in normal IT deployments, making it the choice for any mission critical databases, without the dreaded late night support calls.

About the Author: Satheesh Iyer