Dell: Fueling the manufacturing industry through efficiency

As many of you are aware, Dell has a renewed focus around our approach to vertical markets, beginning with financial services and manufacturing. Our focus will be to help make these very unique industries become more flexible and efficient with powerful technology solutions that help them to solve the complex problems they face. Recently President Obama shined a spotlight on one of these key verticals when he announced the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership. His intent is to leverage the expertise of private sector and academic experts to help improve America’s manufacturing sector in much the same way Dell is helping these companies to become more efficient through the use of IT.

The engine that’s truly driving manufacturing operations is information powered by IT. The raw power the manufacturing process requires of its IT has, in the past, necessitated very large and cumbersome IT infrastructures. This is where Dell can truly help its customers in the manufacturing industry maximize their potential. By helping our customers consolidate their IT infrastructures, better manage their data and more effectively manage systems at the end-point, Dell is helping its customers in manufacturing become more efficient which inevitably helps to reduce operational budgets.

Innovation is certainly a key factor in what drives companies like Intel, Proctor & Gamble  and Northrup Gruman and with more resources available as a result of reductions in operational spend, greater investments can be made on innovation. By partnering with these industry leaders to help them optimize their manufacturing operations, Dell is helping them be more competitive.

The president has called together some of the country’s top industrial minds to partner together to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the manufacturing industry. It’s an approach Dell regularly takes with its own customers, helping them to solve complex problems with powerful IT solutions, and it is exactly how Dell will continue to do its part to help its customers leverage IT to help them optimize their manufacturing operations and improve their business.

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About the Author: Kirsten Billhardt