Dell Extends its Networking Portfolio With Juniper Networks

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot of planning going on around Dell lately. We’ve come to you before and talked about our upcoming Virtual-Ready Infrastructure (VRI) and how the Scalent relationship fits into that. However, we haven’t yet given you a ton of details on the networking piece. Yeah, ok – we told you how we’re expanding our Brocade partnership, but there’s even more.

We’re now adding Juniper to round out the end-to-end 10GbE story. Both the new Brocade and Juniper networking products will become part of our existing PowerConnect brand and will extend that brand into areas like WAN, security and data-center Ethernet switching.

The Dell team has worked hard to bring choice to our customers. This announcement is more proof of that.

Dig into the video below where Larry Hart talks more details on the Juniper partnership, how it will play with our other products, and what it means for our relationship with Cisco.

About the Author: Jennifer G