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At Dell, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to make the toughest IT challenges simpler to solve and better technology solutions accessible to all, so our customers can spend less time thinking about their IT operations and more time growing their businesses. Today, we’re making that a reality with a new suite of powerful engineered solutions.

We are delivering these solutions in areas like HPC, big data/analytics, enterprise applications and private cloud in two primary ways.  First are with Integrated Systems, which are engineered infrastructure and applications solutions that can be delivered racked, stacked or merged onsite.  Second we’re delivering appliances. 

The term “appliance” has taken on many different definitions in the technology industry, so I want to take a moment to clarify how Dell defines it and what customers can expect from our appliance strategy today and going forward.

An appliance is designed to run a specific application and to be quickly integrated into a customer environment with little or no configuration – appliances are turn-key by definition. So, Dell’s approach is to pre-integrate and preconfigure hardware and software to deliver the customer a complete, ready-to-use solution – this is what Dell considers an appliance.

What to expect from Dell

There are many different hardware and software combinations for various customer environments – from a tech start-up to a Fortune 50 oil and gas supplier. To remain flexible and relevant, each one of our appliances may take on a different form factor, but the basic principles will remain the same: standards-based hardware devices with specialized software for specific application. There will be various types of appliances ranging from database, analytics, infrastructure, virtualization and more.

The overriding principle is to create a world of appliances that are rich in function, easily fit into customers’ existing IT infrastructures, and create a rapid time-to-value for our customers. Stay tuned for more on this topic as we roll out even more appliances over the coming year. 

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