Dell EMC Splunking it Up at .conf2016

This year marks the beginning of a great relationship between two awesome tech businesses: Dell EMC and Splunk.  We joined forces through a formal strategic alliance that started in February. This alliance enables Dell EMC and its partners to sell Splunk’s industry leading platform. And, it allows Dell EMC unique access to Splunk technical resources for solution design, testing, and validation.  Most importantly, it creates a framework for these two technology powerhouses to collaborate more effectively for customer success.

Why Dell EMC for Splunk?
When we talk about customer success, we mean it in two distinct ways: deploying Splunk on Dell EMC platforms and using Splunk to derive value from Dell EMC infrastructure.

First, we believe success is deploying Splunk on a flexible infrastructure that not only helps Splunk run fast and efficiently, but also one that can scale easily as the usage of Splunk evolves in a customer organization.  We believe that converged and hyper-converged technologies powered by Dell EMC’s robust portfolio of storage technologies deliver on this vision and provide additional enterprise capabilities:

  • Cost Effective & Optimized Storage For Splunk’s Hot, Warm & Cold Data Buckets
  • Flexible & Scale-Out Capacity Consumption Model
  • Data Reduction & other data Powerful Enterprise Capabilities
  • Bottom-less Cold Bucket with Scale-Out storage platforms


Secondly, we believe Splunk is an incredibly powerful platform for capturing and deriving value from machine data.  Dell EMC products spin off a massive amount of “digital exhaust” that can be captured easily and used to drive operational intelligence in IT.  Dell EMC has made massive investments over the last few years to build apps for XtremIO, Isilon, and VNX and make them available in Splunkbase for free,  and expect to have many more in the works.  These apps make it simple to ingest data from Dell EMC platforms, and we offer useful, prebuilt reports and dashboards to make monitoring these assets simple.  And it doesn’t stop there…once the data is extracted from your Dell EMC platforms, the underlying searches powering our reports or just the indexes themselves can be used in investigations across the entire IT service stack.

Dell EMC @ .conf2016

It is this two-way value stream that we are excited to share at .conf16 with all of my fellow Ninjas. Dell EMC will have two great sessions highlighting some of the value Dell EMC delivers to Splunk customers and we will dive into the deep technical learnings of deploying Splunk at scale on Dell EMC platforms and exciting ways to leverage Dell EMC apps for Splunk in your IT operations use cases, including LIVE DEMOS!

The Dell EMC Splunk Ninja team will be at the show and ready to demo apps, talk about deploying Splunk at scale efficiently on Dell EMC’s enterprise-class platforms, or just have a conversation about why Splunk is so awesome.  The Dell EMC Splunk Ninja team is a group of more than 40 systems engineers from across Dell EMC who have been trained the same way Splunk trains its own systems engineers.  The Ninjas hold certifications ranging from SE1 all the way to SE3, we’ve got skills across not only using Splunk, but administering and architecting it at scale.  This is a global team available in the field to have direct conversations with you when you head back to the office.

Before the Dell and EMC businesses combined, we were busy taping in the studio – Enjoy watching our short Splunky promo video

We will see you all in Orlando, don’t make your plans without stopping at our .conf16 site.
Happy Splunking!

About the Author: Cory Minton