Dell EMC Simplifies Protection for VMware Cloud on AWS Workloads With New Bundle

Seamlessly Extend to the Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud™ on Amazon Web Services™ (AWS), introduced in August 2017 at VMworld, is an on-demand service for running vSphere based cloud environments on Amazon Web Services.  It enables organizations to extend their on premises data centers and easily migrate applications to the public cloud without having to go through a re-platforming process.

Powered by VMware Cloud™ Foundation, the service integrates vSphere, vSAN and NSX and enables vAdmins to manage cloud resources with familiar VMware tools.  Optimized to run on elastic, bare metal AWS infrastructure, the service provides enterprise-grade capabilities, a flexible subscription based consumption model, and is managed by VMware.  You can use VMware cloud on AWS in a variety of ways:

  • Application migration (temporary or as the permanent primary platform for an application)
  • Resource to accommodate host failures without having to overprovision for hardware
  • Instant on-demand capacity boost to meet host demand increases (expected seasonal or unplanned)
  • Disaster recovery, and
  • Test/dev environment

Protect Your VMware Cloud on AWS Workloads With Dell EMC

And, data protection of workloads running in the cloud is your responsibility. Dell EMC was the first VMware partner to provide data protection for VMware Cloud™ on AWS with our Data Protection Software that provides enterprise-grade data protection, best-in-class deduplication, and integrated management for on premise and cloud workloads.  Our solution provides customers with a number of advantages:

  • Proven enterprise data protection for the enterprise public cloud
  • Seamless integration with on-premises data protection
  • Industry’s best-in-class deduplication leads to lower consumption costs
  • Protects VMware workloads on AWS storage for increased resiliency
  • Natively integrates into VMware management tools for the ultimate automation experience

New Dell EMC Data Protection Bundle for VMware Cloud on AWS Makes It Even Easier

We are now making it even easier and simpler for VMware Cloud™ on AWS customers to protect these environments with a single product bundle that includes everything they need for backing up and recovering VMware Cloud™ on AWS workloads – Dell EMC Data Protection Software and Data Domain Virtual Edition.

We have been working very closely for over a year on Dell EMC data protection for VMware Cloud on AWS.  This is a co-engineered solution from VMware and AWS which was officially announced last year. Dell EMC was the first data protection solution for VMware Cloud on AWS. Until now our customers have leveraged their own DPS (Data Protection Suite) and DDVE (Data Domain Virtual Edition) licenses to protect their VMware Cloud on AWS workloads. Today we are proud to announce a new subscription sold specifically for VMware Cloud on AWS. This is an incremental opportunity in a brand-new market where Dell EMC Data Protection is the leader.” – Orna Berryman, Office of the CTO, VMware

Dell EMC’s Data Protection for VMware Cloud™ on AWS bundle provides many advantages:

  • Purchased as a single product that includes all necessary Dell EMC software for backing up and recovering VMware Cloud on AWS workloads
  • Pricing is similar to VMware Cloud™ on AWS and priced on a per host subscription model for a 1 or 3 year subscription
  • Industry leading Data Domain deduplication to reduce backup storage capacity needs
  • vSphere integration and attractive pricing that makes it painless to protect VMware Cloud™ workloads on AWS

Just because applications are being moved to the cloud doesn’t mean that data protection is any less important. With Dell EMC’s enterprise-grade data protection, you can leverage the same data protection solution of VMware Cloud workloads as that used for your on-premises workloads. Using one solution to protect hybrid cloud workloads simplifies administration and lowers the total cost of ownership.

About the Author: Jason Tolu

Jason Tolu is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Dell EMC and is responsible for VMware Data Protection messaging, marketing and sales enablement. Jason joined EMC in 2015 and moved over to Dell EMC as part of the Dell EMC merger. Prior to EMC, Jason was Senior Product Marketing Manager at Dell concentrating on systems management software, services and appliances. Prior to Dell, Jason worked in product marketing for a number of software start-ups in Silicon Valley and joined Dell through the acquisition of a SaaS systems management provider.