Dell EMC Provides The Ultimate Architecture For Enterprise Analytics at Scale

DSSD D5 Rack-Scale Flash Storage And PowerEdge R730 Servers Takes SAS Analytics To The Next Level

Last week, we announced the largest merger ever in the IT industry – the merger of Dell and EMC.  Today, with our announcement of new Dell EMC DSSD™ D5™ Rack-Scale Flash solution leveraging Dell EMC PowerEdge R730 servers, we are providing a great example of how the innovative technologies and products from Dell EMC provide real world solutions to customers’ problems. This new solution is optimized for SAS applications and delivers game-changing performance for SAS 9, allowing customers to take full advantage of new innovative offerings from the SAS portfolio.


Why This Solution & Why Now?

Today, organizations are under greater pressure than ever to take advantage of the ever-growing amounts and sources of data to deliver new business services, improve results and compete better.


However, achieving these goals requires:


In most instances, storage is the limiting factor preventing organizations from taking full advantage of their data and analytics investment with I/O and bandwidth bottlenecks limiting the number of CPUs, the amount of data analyzed and concurrent jobs and users.  Dell EMC and SAS, the leading provider of analytics software, recently joined forces to provide the ultimate combination of storage, computing power and software for modern, accelerated enterprise analytics.

Dell EMC DSSD™ D5™ Rack-Scale Flash solution leveraging Dell EMC PowerEdge R730 servers Enables Analytics at Scale And Results Prove It

New performance testing conducted by Principled Technologies using Dell EMC DSSD D5 rack-scale flash storage appliance with a mixed SAS analytic workload running on Dell EMC PowerEdge R730 servers powered by Intel Xeon processors E5‑2699 v4 and hosting SAS 9 instances demonstrated:

  • Dell EMC DSSD D5 delivers extreme low latency access to data and can meet the bandwidth requirements of hundreds of cores (tested with 352 cores), allowing customers to consolidate SAS applications on a single platform, run more analytics in the same time period and enable more concurrent users and applications.
  • DSSD D5 provides near-linear scaling with eight Dell R730 servers, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors E5-2699 v4, and running more than 800 concurrent analytics jobs, delivered a peak bandwidth of 22.8 GB per second.
  • DSSD D5 kept up with CPU demand for I/O while ensuring that all computing power was fully utilized by illustrating SAS CPU/real-time ratios greater than 1.0, even with eight servers.

In a nutshell, DSSD D5 provides game-changing performance and enables customers to leverage analytics at scale and accelerate time-to-value for their SAS workloads. Additionally, the validated Dell EMC storage and server configuration for SAS lowers risk for customers by combining unprecedented performance, reliability and flexibility with faster deployment time and a smaller data center footprint.


In a second announcement today, Dell EMC made available PowerEdge Servers with the DSSD client cards packaged together to be offered as a drop-in-the-box shipment. In Q4’16, we will offer DSSD client cards factory installed in select Dell PowerEdge servers. Along with offering unprecedented performance, reliability and flexibility, the Dell EMC solution further accelerates deployment time and enhances ease of use.

Want to learn more? Check out the DSSD homepage and the Principled Technologies Report, Executive Summary–Report  and Infographic and follow @EMCDSSD on Twitter for our latest announcements and content.

About the Author: John McCool