Dell EMC Opens Up New Brownfield Opportunities for Energy Organizations

In the energy industry, shrinking margins driven by competition and new sources of energy are forcing an increased focus on improving operational efficiency. Organizations must center their attention on activities that prolong the life of their existing assets, known as ‘brownfield projects’, as a key to remaining viable.

Today at Momentum 2016 in Barcelona, we introduced a new solution and a new consulting service, as well as the evolution of other solutions for the energy and engineering (E&E) industry.

With these releases, we are reinforcing our commitment to providing content solutions which enable services that range from streamlining exploration efforts to bridging asset operations and brownfield projects and beyond, all designed to create greater functionality and lower TCO.

Dell EMC Documentum Asset Operations

Many energy enterprises deal with disconnected data management silos that prevent fast and accurate access to key information, while others still rely on manual records and processes that are slow, error-prone and result in increased costs. Further complicating the accuracy of and access to organizational operations and maintenance documents is of the manual transfer from recurring brownfield projects.

The new features included in EMC Documentum Asset Operations 2.1 simplify concurrent engineering and seamless handover by managing operations and project documents together, breaking down information management silos. Asset Operations 2.1 enables an organization to manage operations and project information on a single platform so every user can access important information whenever and wherever needed. Asset Operations 2.1 also supplies consistent access and user interfaces across the entire asset lifecycle, simplifying the user experience and increasing adoption.


Dell EMC Documentum Supplier Exchange

Asset Operations compliments Dell EMC Supplier Exchange, the cloud computing solution that streamlines distribution and approval of transmittals and deliverables within a global network of suppliers, vendors, and partners. Supplier Exchange offers simple, intuitive user interfaces, structured workflow and notifications and secure access to content in a centralized space versus using email and shared drives.


Dell EMC also provides extensive industry support through ECD Professional Services to tailor the solution to a customer’s need, reducing project timelines and total cost of ownership, which is the genesis of the Exploration solution. Companies frequently engage in a lengthy, multi-faceted oil exploration process, which includes multiple evaluations from assorted teams, before initiating a drilling project. The organization and management of complex research and activity can be further complicated by inaccurate and duplicate documentation, a lack of traceability, accountability, auditability of information, inefficient collaboration amongst work teams and the inability to mitigate risk and meet regulatory requirements.

Dell EMC Documentum Exploration addresses these challenges, supporting oilfield projects with industry-standard functionality that includes:

  • Streamlined document management – for controlling documents throughout the exploration and production process
  • Visibility into document and exploration status – for revealing the relationships between exploration documents
  • Fast access to critical documents – for reducing reliance on SharePoint or shared drives, removing information silos
  • Enhanced team collaboration – for eliminating organizational boundaries without sacrificing processes or security
  • Better decision-making – by providing fast, reliable access to accurate information
  • Built-in templates and industry-standard workflows – for providing a rapid, repeatable setup to avoid delays

As a leader in enterprise content management for the E&E industry, Dell EMC has focused on helping customers address the challenges of improving operational efficiency for years. With today’s announcements, we believe we have taken a few more dramatic steps forward in making it easier than ever to access information, whenever, wherever, from within critical business systems, or in the field.

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About the Author: Andy Crowne