Dell EMC Enhances DPaaS for Service Providers

Provides the Best User Experience for Customers

Driven by a strong customer demand, and an explosive increase in cloud workloads, Dell EMC is well-poised for the growth of cloud-ready data protection and recovery needs of customers. Data Protection as-a-Service (DPaaS) is a core requirement customers have when selecting a cloud service provider.  However, until now, there have been no native solutions to address this need with existing solutions requiring a separate tenant portal or additional user interfaces, making the process more complicated for both cloud service providers and, most importantly, their customers.Announced at VMworld 2018, VMware and Dell EMC have partnered to deliver tenant self-service DPaaS for VCPP partners leveraging VMware’s vCloud Director (vCD) platform. vCloud Director Data Protection is available directly within the vCD tenant portal UI, eliminating the need for tenants to access a separate user interface specific to Data Protection.  For tenants or cloud providers interested in orchestrating via APIs, all Data Protection capabilities are also integrated directly into vCloud Director’s REST API, via extensions.

Dell EMC’s complete software solution for protecting VMware workloads, consisting of Avamar with Dell EMC Data Domain, can easily be managed by Cloud Providers. Now cloud service providers with multi-tenant VMware environments can offer their customers robust, integrated data protection with a best-in-class user experience. Plus, service providers and their customers benefit from Dell EMC Data Protection’s proven low operating cost, high scalability and performance.

Dell EMC Data Protection with vCloud Director delivers these advantages:

  • Best user experience: Dell EMC is the only vendor that provides data protection fully integrated into VMware vCloud Director – competitors require a separate tenant portal and often require service user accounts to be created within the vCloud environment.
  • Superior scale & performance: A scale-out architecture combined with Avamar’s quick and efficient backups provides assurance that backups will complete within the scheduled window
  • Costs up to 80% less to protect: Through the VMware VCPP, service providers can offer their customers industry-leading de-duplication with a 55:1 deduplication rate that greatly reduces protection storage requirements and minimizes operating costs
  • Utility Pricing through VCPP: Software-defined data protection can be purchased through VMWare’s VCPP program, enabling consumption-based billing – with billing in arrears, service providers pay only for what their customers consume and under a single contract
  • Flexible BaaS: Flexible backup options enable backups to be run automatically through policies and/or on-demand.  Self-service restores can be executed by tenants at the vApp-level, the VM-level, and even the individual file level.

TELEFONICA: A Strong Cloud Provider in Europe and Latin America

The data protection vCloud Director extension from Dell EMC recently helped Telefonica widen its cloud service offerings to Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) and strengthen their support for customers in their journey to the cloud when choosing them as their Cloud Provider.

Known as a carrier that provides Mobile, Broadband Internet access, TV and corporate connectivity, Telefonica is also a Tier-1 Cloud Service Provider.  Telefonica Business Solutions manages globally the Enterprise, Multinational and Wholesale (including Roaming) businesses within the Telefonica Group. This organization relies heavily on a cloud-first strategy to support their customers in their digital transformation process, providing more than just core solutions – but also solutions such as Cloud, Big Data, Security and IOT.

Telefonica now allows customers to utilize Dell EMC data protection in a DPaaS consumption model integrated into their new virtual data center offering – VDC 4.0. This new service puts control of data protection in the hands of Telefonica’s customers, eliminating the need for them to file tickets in order to initiate restores, as an example.  Now Telefonica can offer their customers robust data protection as a service with a superior user experience while at the same time minimizing their cost-to-serve.

“Our goal is to make our customer’s life easy,” said Sandro Bertelli, Global Product Manager, Telefonica. “Dell EMC provides the best customer experience and offers the only fully integrated user interface with VMware vCloud Director for our customers through a single tenant portal. This allows the cloud administrator to eliminate and separate backup processes and manage everything from a single management interface. Furthermore, backups of VMware vApps and enterprise applications are all optimized for faster backups, maximum deduplication and efficient recoveries.”

“VDC 4.0 is one of the largest VMware implementation in the world running in 8 data center  in Americas (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Perú, USA) and Europe (Spain) converging to the best solution for every kind of customer’s needs. The strong partnership between Telefonica, Dell EMC and VMware has really helped us to get to this point and our customer’s experience is our first priority. With an “everything as a service” approach, observing the trends of the multicloud market, and the demands of workloads in the cloud, we are thrilled with the solution that Dell EMC and VMware created to offer our users data protection as a service through the extension to vCloud Director. “

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This blog is co-authored by Sandro Bertelli, a Global Product Manager at Telefonica.

About the Author: Colin Durocher

Colin Durocher is a Consultant Product Manager with Dell EMC, responsible for virtualization requirements and integrations across the Data Protection portfolio. Prior to this role, he spent 15 years working on high availability storage in various roles within Engineering and Product Management. Colin has a BSc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Alberta and an MBA from Northeastern University.
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