Dell + EMC = Better Together

Right from the day VCE, now known as the Converged Platforms and Solutions Division, was born in 2009 – we’ve had a customer-first policy. Everything that we do – whether it’s product innovation, technology roadmap or strategic vision – is laser focused on our customers and their needs.

When it was announced, in October 2015, that Dell and EMC would come together to form a new company – my first thought was how will this impact customers and their experience? In the 10 months since that seminal announcement to now when the two companies have become one, I’ve had countless conversations with customers and visibility on how the new company is evolving. As a result I’ve gone from having a mild belief that it’s a good development to a firm conviction that it’s the best possible thing for our customers. In fact, Moor Insights and Strategy just issued a report that predicts Dell EMC will become a converged systems powerhouse. We couldn’t agree more. Read on below to learn why!

IT at the Speed of Business for Today’s Digital Economy

We live in the digital age where technology innovation and services are available at the click of a button. Any delay in response time or inability to provision new and innovative services means businesses are at risk of failure or getting disrupted by their competitors. Recent corporate history is littered with examples of Goliaths that were felled by nimble, more flexible Davids who hammered a gap in the market where no gap existed. It is absolutely imperative that in order to remain agile and responsive to market needs, businesses need a robust and cutting edge IT infrastructure that enables them to retain a competitive edge. The new Dell EMC and Dell Technologies bring together strong capabilities in the fastest-growing areas of the industry including hybrid cloud, software-defined data center, converged infrastructure, platform-as-a-service, data analytics, mobility and cybersecurity. All of these are powerful and critical components of a modern datacenter that fuels IT at the speed of business and will help our customers address their vital IT needs in the data center and retain that elusive competitive edge and grab market share.

Simplification, Choice, Choice and more Choice!!

CIOs today want technology that just works so the IT team becomes a value add, innovative service provider that moves the needle for the business rather than being simply the status quo managers. They don’t want to be mired in different products and services contracts from various technology vendors or get into the nitty gritty of how each product fits in with the others. In other words they want:

  • To buy and consume infrastructure rather than build it themselves. If they have a specialized workload that requires a DIY approach – now we can help them do this as well
  • Simplified technology options and deployment with turnkey products and end-to-end solutions rather than components
  • Increased choice rather than be forced down a single vendor-ecosystem lock-in, product path

Customers of the Converged Platforms and Solutions Division can already choose from products and solutions that meet a diverse range of workloads, applications and use cases from our robust and fast evolving CI and HCI portfolio. These can be further customized with products and solutions (All Flash, Software Defined & Data Lakes). With the formation of Dell EMC, there is even more choice. Customers can reap the benefits of a broader range of complementary products and technologies that also provide simplified deployment and a single support framework, thus significantly enhancing the customer experience.

Improved choice not only benefits customers in respect of their technology choices, but also in their route to purchase. Dell EMC offers multiple purchase routes (direct or channel) and customers can opt for the path that is most suitable for them.

Innovation and Speed

The speed with which the technology is evolving is breathtaking. Customers need to take a long term view of how technology will advance to enable them to anticipate and address tomorrow’s challenge. As one of the world’s largest privately-controlled, integrated technology companies, Dell EMC is in a great position to boost both the speed and the scale of innovation. By capitalizing on EMC’s leadership in R&D and innovation and Dell’s world-class supply chain operations, leading-edge technology solutions will be delivered faster and more cost-effectively to our customers worldwide. In addition, Dell’s strong relationship with vendors such as Microsoft gives the new company a tremendous competitive advantage with regards to industry ecosystems that will directly benefits customers.

It’s an absolute no brainer– Dell EMC is a win-win situation for customers and the check list of benefits and advantages underlines this:

  • Faster innovations
  • Richer products
  • Simplified technology options
  • Enhanced services and support
  • Expanded choice and flexibility

Watch this fantastic Voice of our Customer video to hear from our customers on why they are looking forward to Dell Technologies.

I firmly believe that the combination of Dell and EMC is far more beneficial to our customers and partners than if we had remained as separate companies. However, the journey to creating this tremendous future will be challenging. Change is tough but necessary, and we have a culture that thrives on it. The journey will require tough decisions, great leadership and hard work by everyone.  This won’t be an easy road – but in the end it will be truly worth it.

Dell EMC and Dell Technologies overall is heralding a new era of innovation, choice and forging the path to the next industrial revolution by taking its customers down the path of digital transformation. I can’t wait for this vision to become a reality!

Here’s to a sizzling bright future!

About the Author: Todd Pavone