Dell delivers a 6Gb/s SAS in an end-to-end solution

You hear a lot of about storage consolidation and the value it provides to customers, but storage consolidation is not the best answer for all customers.  In fact, 6Gb/s SAS is gaining buzz because of its performance increases and will help keep internal storage and Direct Attached Storage (DAS) a viable option.  Whether you are a small customer looking to expand your internal storage capacity or a larger customer with a very specific deployment objective internal or DAS storage can be the best solution, offering compelling cost per GB or cost per IOPs options.

To ensure Dell’s DAS portfolio keeps up with the ongoing performance, scalability and flexibility required by businesses, Dell is introducing an end-to-end 6Gb/s SAS solution.   This includes new PowerEdge RAID controller (PERC) cards for PowerEdge 11G servers and the next generation of our PowerVault MD family, the PowerVault MD1200 and MD1220.

With this next evolution of our SAS technology, we are building upon our rock solid PERC, PowerEdge and PowerVault portfolios to bring you:

Improved performance

  • 6Gb/s SAS, doubling the throughput from previous generation (3Gb/s SAS to 6Gb/s SAS)
  • 35% improvement of IOPs over previous generation
  • Support for redundant path with I/O load balancing with PERC H800 and PowerVault DAS arrays
  • Support for solid state drives (SSD) drives

Enhanced security

  • Self Encrypting Drives with local key management
  • Improved Flexibility and Enhanced data tiering capabilities
  • Ability to mix PowerVault MD1200 and MD1220 behind a single PERC H800 controller
  • Mixing 2.5 and 3.5 inch drives in a single PowerVault MD1200 enclosure

Mix and match drive speed and capacity to meet the your business needs – offering 7.2K Nearline, 10K, and 15K SAS drives as well as SAS SSDs

Check out this video below it walks through some of the key advancements in Dell’s SAS portfolio:

So what exactly are we introducing?

Three new PowerEdge RAID controller (PERC) cards for our PowerEdge 11G servers

  1. PERC H200 – Entry-level 6Gb/s SAS internal storage controller, with SATA SSD support, internal Tape support and Non-RAID with up to 16 drives.
  2. PERC H700 – Premium 6Gb/s SAS internal storage controller featuring improved performance, Self-Encrypting Drive and non-Dell Drive lock-out.
  3. PERC H800 – Premium 6Gb/s SAS external storage controller, allowing customers to extend the internal storage with a PowerVault MD1200 or MD1220 expansion array

And also two new PowerVault direct attached storage devices.

About the Author: Kendra Mattews