Dell – Delivering Long-term Care for Your Data

If you weren't reading the news last week, you missed out on
some things we announced
here at Dell that, if you're interested in IT efficiency, are pretty exciting. A
key component of that discussion revolved around what we are doing to help
customers address challenges around managing
their data
– doing it more efficiently and intelligently.  While we predominantly discussed this topic
holistically, I wanted to highlight our
vertical-focused solutions that we're putting together, specifically when it
comes to storage challenges faced by healthcare
– to provide long-term care for data.

We know that these organizations are facing some of the same
challenges as businesses, government entities and educational institutions,
including data growth, content silos and cost pressures, but we also know that
there are unique issues and additional complications when it comes to the
healthcare industry.  Things like the
growth of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), specialized
compliance and security requirements, the need to be able to access historical
information rapidly, and a broad spectrum of data types, including things like
radiological images, medical records, modalities and digital pathology results.  As an example, Dell
commissioned a survey
of hospital IT executives titled, Readiness of Hospital Datacenters for Future
Demand, HIMMS Analytics 2010
that "revealed that hospital IT executives at
small and medium-sized hospitals (100 to 400 beds) believe that Electronic
Medical Records will increase demand on their datacenters by an average of 20
to 50 percent over the next two years" and that the "lack of data center
standards complicate the information sharing within and between hospitals
necessary for diagnosis, decision making and coordination and management of
patient care."

As a result, we have devoted considerable time and effort to
developing open, capable and affordable Medical
Archiving Solutions
which are designed:

  • For the unique data security, access and
    capacity requirements of healthcare organizations,
  • To dramatically improve data storage capacity,
  • To simplify data management, and
  • To improve the economics of data storage, enabling
    users to redirect IT investments to strategic initiatives like EMR.

A key element to helping our healthcare customers meet their
challenges is Dell developed object-based Medical Archiving. Based on the
upcoming Dell DX Object Storage Platform, the Dell Medical Archiving Solution
enables healthcare and life sciences organizations to efficiently access, store
and distribute data while providing features that can help customers meet
regulatory requirements that prescribe how organizations store and manage data.  You can read more about our philosophy and
what we're doing to develop a new foundational storage platform for healthcare
in an interview
with Healthcare IT News
featuring James Coffin, VP and GM of Dell Global
Healthcare.  And we're not stopping with
what was announced, but we'll be continuing to grow and enhance the options we
offer throughout the year because we know your unique problems require unique
solutions that are designed for the long-term.

About the Author: Greg White