Dell Crowdsourcing the Detection of Scammers through @ReportDellScams

Yesterday, we posted an alert message on Facebook and via @Dell on Twitter to notify customers that there was a fake Dell XPS 1530 scam circulating on Facebook. I was glad to see that minutes after we published it that over 200 of you liked it in Facebook. Here's the tweet we shared on the topic:

Fake Dell Facebook Promotion
are commonplace now on the internet. When we become aware of scams associated with our brand, we’re going to take action to protect our customers and our brand’s reputation.

If you see a Dell-related scam, please let us know. We recently set up a new Twitter account @ReportDellScams just for this purpose.In the bio of this account, we ask for you to assist our efforts: “Please @reply us to report anything that looks like a Dell-related scam; please include details and links. Thanks for doing your part to fight scammers!” @ReportDellScams is our attempt to crowdsource the detection of scams. Thanks in advance for your help. 

We’re committed to use social media to protect our customers’ interests and preserve the integrity of our brand. Thanks again to everyone who helped discover this scam.

Be sure to follow @Dell on Twitter – where we announce alerts like this–  to stay current on Dell news and information. As always, we welcome your feedback and ideas. 

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