Dell Announces Dedupe Plans

Today, Dell is announcing its plans for the de-duplication market, a rapidly growing portion of the storage space. One thing all storage vendors can agree on is the fact that data will continue to expand. And with this growth comes the need to effectively manage that growth and eliminate redundant data. Data de-duplication removes duplicate data or copies of the exact same data that may have changed slightly.

What we’re announcing today is new de-duplication products as part of our TierDisk family of storage solutions to help simplify the process across our entire storage portfolio. We expect to be shipping systems for customers ranging from small and medium businesses to large enterprises early next year. We’re working with EMC and Quantum to provide compatibility across brand and product lines.

By driving de-duplication, replication and management commonality, Dell, EMC and Quantum are working to provide compatibility and choice in a technology area that is proprietary from other vendors. Dell customers will have the freedom to deploy Dell solutions and replicate data to and from other Dell, EMC or Quantum-based offerings.

I won’t rehash all of what we announced in our news release. Take a few minutes to watch Dell’s Brett Roscoe from Dell’s Storage Group discuss this announcement.

About the Author: Bruce Eric