Dell and SAP: Turning Data Into Business Insights

Imagine how your business could be transformed with real time access to in depth analytics and insights. How could this enhance customer experiences, increase your bottom line and give you a strategic competitive edge? Many industries have already integrated analytics into their transactional operations – education, government, healthcare, retail and manufacturing – but many organizations struggle with the enormous data volumes and massive processing power required to deliver high-value analytics in a timely fashion. SAP HANA breaks free of the traditional database structures and query processes to make real-time analytics and reporting a reality.

Last Spring, Dell launched a single-node SAP HANA solution, and we are already helping organizations transform and optimize operations using advanced analytics. For example, Koehler Paper Group, a Germany-based manufacturing company, wanted to make smarter decisions to boost plant performance, sales and profitability.  Working with Dell Services, Koehler was able to get a new SAP HANA solution up and running on Dell hardware in just three days! The solution helped Koehler reduce the cost of their business warehouse by one third and decreased the time to produce complex reports from five minutes to five seconds. Koehler initially introduced SAP HANA to complement its existing SAP ERP solution but is already looking at ways to expand its scope to include analysis of plant equipment, operation and maintenance. Boosting efficiency and accelerating decision-making helps drive growth and profits.

Dell’s single node SAP HANA solution is a great start, but given ever increasing data sources and data volumes, scalability becomes critical.

Today, Dell announced workload optimized solutions for SAP HANA that combine Dell server, storage and networking solutions to deliver a pre-integrated and more powerful solution. With highly-available configurations that scale from 1 terabyte to more than 4 terabytes, these pre-integrated systems are based on the same architecture employed in Dell’s single-server appliances. These new solutions give CIOs peace of mind to adopt in-memory databases for larger deployments because they are engineered to scale as data needs change and expand.

Our new scale-out solutions for SAP HANA are just the latest result of Dell’s long-standing partnership with SAP. Our engineering collaboration – spanning reference architectures, testing and certification – ensures seamless integration and confidence for our joint customers. Dell has established a Center of Excellence for HANA and mobility that actively combines the best of our intellectual property, such as Dell’s In-Memory Computing and Analytic Methodology (DIMCAM), with SAP solutions to provide uniquely differentiated offerings to our customers. In addition, Dell Services provides SAP HANA support in the form of assessment, analytic solution design and development, deployment, training, support and managed services.

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About the Author: Dan Woolley