Dell and Red Hat Launch Latest Linux Update For Higher Performance and Better Datacenter Efficiency

Dell has launched a new update for our Dell and Red Hat customers.  We’ve worked closely with Red Hat to incorporate the feedback we’ve been hearing from customers to release Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.3 and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) 3.1.  RHEL 6.3 and RHEV 3.1 can be purchased directly from Dell preinstalled on our servers (or see sample R720 configuration here) for RHEL 6.3 and as a drop in box license key for RHEV 3.1.

Dell Differentiator

Dell knows Linux and open source.  Dell has integrated Linux into our solutions for over 13 years.  We are involved with the open source community, and we contribute code and resources to the promotion of Linux and open source. 

  • Dell server device drivers are open sourced and run natively in Linux, making deployment significantly easier out of the box.
  • Dell has a truly open platform with Linux, allowing customers to avoid vendor lock-in to proprietary UNIX-based environments.
  • Dell’s unique server technology has been integrated into these Linux OS’s through extensive engineering collaboration, giving customers an optimized Linux server foundation stack.

 RHEL 6.3 Feature Highlight

As part of our commitment to Red Hat, Linux and open source, we support every RHEL version from day one of general availability, including RHEL 6.3 and the prior updates.

  • Significant improvements in resource management and high availability, allowing for greater efficiency and performance optimization.
  • New features aimed at storage and file system performance, giving customers enhanced business agility through additional security enhancements.
  • Technology integration with VMware and Microsoft environments, granting customers the ability to leverage their investments for mixed environments.

RHEV 3.1 Feature Highlight

RHEV 3.0 was the first Dell-supported release.  Dell will support all versions going forward, including RHEV 3.1.

  • High performance and scalability.  Customers can achieve near bear metal speed and performance while increasing their server utilization usage.
  • Easy manageability.  RHEV is a full virtualization solution that utilizes easy to use tools that are centralized in a single administrative tool.
  • Security improvements has been built upon its already secure code.  Customers are better assured that their images are contained, secure and completely isolated from other virtual sessions.

Enterprise Platform Support

Dell will continue to support the current generations of servers plus a generation back to ensure stability for customers that have long term standardization strategies on previous generations.  Please see our online matrix for a comprehensive list of Dell server platforms and RHEL updates.  For RHEL, please click here.  For RHEV, please click here.

RHEL and RHEV Support


10th Generation Server Support


11th Generation Server Support


12th Generation Server Support


Systems Management






*Out of band management only for RHEV.

Please also click here for RHEV on Dell overview.

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Tui Leauanae

Product Manager

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