Dell and Red Hat – Enabling the Enterprise with OpenStack

In 1999, Dell became the first OEM vendor to deliver factory-installed Linux workstations and PowerEdge servers with Red Hat, to enable enterprise customers with Linux. Since those early days, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) has become the world’s most deployed enterprise Linux platform, and in 2012, Red Hat became the industry’s first billion dollar open source company.

Now in 2013, Dell and Red Hat are joining forces again to enable enterprises.

And this time, it’s to enable the enterprise with OpenStack.

Our enterprise customers have complex business needs and scalability requirements. In the case of cloud, customers rarely say “We want a cloud.” Rather, many of them say things like “We need to create a content delivery network that scales and is cost effective,” or “We need a test/dev environment to develop our applications.” 

And many times the design tenets that are pervasive in large scale distributed cloud environments, such as continuous deployment and devops, are still being translated into how the enterprise does IT.

Dell has been committed to enabling our customers with open source solution options to enable emerging technology areas like cloud – solutions that are open, flexible, scalable and secure.  OpenStack provides the foundation for driving multi-tenancy and elasticity, giving our customers a fully open platform with the ability to scale very quickly.

Dell has had a rich and valuable history with Red Hat, with a longstanding joint commitment to our customers, to understand their need for flexibility and choice in the marketplace in a number of technology areas. And OpenStack has been a passion for both companies individually for some time.

With this announcement, Dell is now the first company to OEM RHEL OpenStack Platform, and we will co-engineer enterprise-grade OpenStack private cloud solutions with Red Hat, bringing together the best that both companies have to offer. It’s great news for enterprise customers seeking the products, services, and best practices to bring OpenStack into their IT environments.

Together, we are providing a fast onramp to enable our enterprise customers to get to the cloud, and to capture value from cloud by solving real business problems as quickly as possible. Dell and Red Hat will also jointly contribute code to the OpenStack community, specifically on projects like OpenStack Networking (Neutron) and OpenStack Telemetry (Celiometer).

Needless to say, after being a part of Dell’s very first steps into OpenStack, I am excited about this next step Dell and Red Hat are taking together, and see the strong innovation that will come out of it benefit both our customers and the OpenStack community.

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Joseph B George




About the Author: Joseph B. George