Dell and Open Source: Linux Partners at Dell World 2013

At Dell World 2013 in December, I was able to chat with our Linux partners to get an understanding of their conversations with customers that came by their booth. While these companies tend to be competitors, they are united in helping our mutual customers grow and thrive in their data center.

Linux is a key IT component that enables many workloads from mission critical to edge of network processes. Linux runs databases, provides web services, secures information, controls traffic grids, helps with deep sea explorations, manages massive calculations in medicine and aeronautics, predicts weather patterns, renders large epic movie titles–yes, Linux is used everywhere. At Dell together with our partners, we make IT easier.

I created this video to show how Dell and our Linux partners can help your IT run smoother, faster and efficient. Hear more from our Linux partners Red Hat, SUSE, Canonical, and Oracle in the video clip below.

Tui Leauanae

Linux Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager

Twitter: @leauanae

About the Author: Tui Leauanae