Dell and Intel Expand HPC Access to Omni-Path Architecture Solutions

Today our high-performance computing (HPC) products and capabilities are getting an upgrade, based on Dell’s efforts working closely with Intel on its Intel Scalable System Framework. A direct result of our collaboration has led to the availability of Intel Omni-Path Architecture on Dell HPC Systems, supporting our leading position in the HPC market.

Dell is committed to driving more innovation and discovery to deliver faster breakthroughs with our HPC portfolio, and HPC-focused fabrics provided by our close partners, such as Intel and others, play an important role.

By incorporating Omni-Path Architecture interconnect capabilities and providing new switches, we’re able to significantly increase the pool of organizations that can reap the benefits of HPC while helping existing HPC customers cost-effectively scale their clusters.

With OPA, organizations of all sizes now can scale from entry level HPC clusters to clusters with 10,000 nodes or more. We are bringing the efficiencies of Omni-Path Architecture to our own HPC server solutions, and Dell also is OEMing Omni-Path Architecture switches to help organizations scale their existing clusters.

These Dell Networking H-series, top-of-rack, switches include multiple ports and larger topologies, enabling customers to build larger HPC clusters with fewer switches. This translates into much lower cost for the fabric and the ability for organizations to divert their HPC budget on servers for more performance. Sold globally through Dell Networking and our channel partners, these Omni-Path Architecture switches will help government, education and industry researchers handle data-intensive workloads – and get results – faster than ever.

We’re excited about how these Omni-Path Architecture-based HPC offerings have enhanced our portfolio. By driving down costs and increasing efficiencies for HPC cluster interconnects, we’re not only broadening our solution but expanding our customer base to organizations that were previously unable to justify the expense of an HPC implementation.

Because our OPA solutions easily adapt to current infrastructures, customers can quickly deploy them without any changes to their programming models. New OPA enhancements on the horizon, such as embedding OPA adapters into the silicon of processors, will further improve HPC performance and efficiency going forward.

For decades, Dell’s collaboration with Intel has brought tremendous benefits for innovative organizations and individuals in countless fields. By teaming up to provide OPA HPC solutions to research organizations and businesses of all sizes, we are taking this tradition to the next level. By allowing greater access to HPC than ever imagined – along with expanding clusters for existing HPC users – Dell can unleash a new wave of discovery and innovation.

About the Author: Ed Turkel

I've joined Dell's growing HPC team in the role of HPC Strategist, helping to develop Dell's evolving HPC Strategy, as Dell EMC increases its investments in this strategic and growing market.