Dell Active Infrastructure adds support for Cisco Nexus, enabling investment protection for customers

This post was authored by Steven Scott, Product Manager, Active System Manager

As Cisco Live 2013 wraps up today in Orlando, I wanted to share with you a few thoughts. Cisco Live 2013 had several product announcements, including additions to the Nexus line of switches and various enhancements to their Converged Infrastructure (CI) stacks.

Often times, the chief barrier for customers to move towards CI is investments in existing infrastructure. For a lot of customers, networking investments are a significant portion of overall IT expenditures. Customers simply can’t walk away from those sizable ‘sunk costs’, even if the savings of CI are demonstrable. At Dell, we couldn’t agree more!

We’re excited to include Cisco Nexus support in our latest release of Active Infrastructure 1.1 with Active System Manager (ASM) 7.1. Customers will now have the flexibility of an industry proven unified management platform coupled with a pre-integrated solution based on best-of-breed hardware.

While ASM is optimized for the Active Infrastructure family of products, it also integrates seamlessly into customers’ existing Cisco Nexus based fabrics. ASM drives automation and accuracy in delivering workloads, while enabling end-to-end infrastructure management through a single robust console.

Built with the central design philosophy of select heterogeneity, Dell’s approach delivers investment protection. Quite simply, ASM is converged infrastructure management for the modern data center.

At Dell, our mission is to deliver technology solutions that allow customers to grow and thrive. The 1.1 release of Active Infrastructure is an important milestone in that journey.

Click HERE to view a video of our announcement at Dell Enterprise Forum 2013. Additional details are available on the Dell Active Infrastructure homepage.

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