Deeper, wider and more efficient

No data center is complete without a suitable rack enclosure. Rack enclosures play a vital role in Dell’s Efficient Enterprise strategy. They are more than “housing units”; these cabinets provide enhanced power management, efficient cooling, and flexible cable management for the IT equipment installed in them. This month, we’re announcing the availability of both wide and deep form factor racks designed to address specific requirements for additional space, increased power efficiency and more flexible cable management. These new rack form factors come in two height options, 42U (4220), and 48U (4820). Wide racks are useful for networking and blade server installations as well as for users needing to route cables in the sides of their racks. Deep racks are tailored towards high-density and cloud computing data centers which have significant power demands by enabling greater PDU (Power Distribution Unit) capacity.

In addition, all form factors adhere to the EIA-310-E standard for rack mounting of electronics, such that the mounting posts for installing components are held in a consistent location while the exterior of the rack grows to the specified dimensions. This design helps ensure compatibility with existing equipment while providing additional options for cable and power cord routing. With removable rear doors and tailbars, a sliding top access panel, and top canopy knock-outs, these racks provide a great deal of cabling flexibility.

clip_image002Key features include: 

  • 42U and 48U are available in standard, wide, and deep form factors
  • Excellent airflow with 80% perforated doors
  • Superb design facilitates more cabling and power distribution options
  • Static load rating of 2,500 Lbs
  • Rack kit includes front and side stabilizers

To complement our rack enclosures, we’ve designed a portfolio of data center infrastructure products which includes basic and metered PDUs, rack-mount uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), digital KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) console switches, and accessories.

Ease of use and integration are key. We look at your data center in a holistic way. That’s why our rack enclosures are designed to maximize airflow and reduce thermal issues, enhancing efficiency and power savings for the data center. To learn more about how Dell PowerEdge racks can help optimize your data center’s performance click here.

About the Author: Joy Ruff