Day Two at GiTEX — Microsoft Enterprise Day

Hi there readers, it’s day two of GiTEX technology week. Yesterday’s activities at GiTEX were branded as Microsoft Day and sessions covered key technology trends and best practices.

I had quite a few interviews yesterday, as well as attending a two of the Microsoft presentation sessions. One interview from Emirates Computers stood out because they took us on a tour of their green data centre room, which was pretty interesting. We also interviewed other Dell partners (that were available at the time), including Mindware, Key Information Technology and Aptec.

Below is a vlog with some highlights from the day.

Dell also trusted me to take pictures for the CX4 launch. It made me feel good because Dell trusted me to do so – like part of the team.

I’ve got to get myself ready for Gitex shopper next. That’s going to be a ball! It’s loud and fast paced – a lot of stuff going on. After shopper we’re going to dash back to the Dell Lounge for an interview with one of MTV’s nominated bands from the UAE called ABRI. I think this will be a blast!

Tune in for day three tomorrow.

About the Author: Muhannad Al Jazireh