Data Protection – From Good to Great

One of the questions that I often ask when meeting with IT directors considering deploying a cloud backup solution for their business is “What does great data protection look like?” And the answers I get back are always different.

dataquestion[1]Backup teams have challenging jobs that are getting harder all the time. Data volumes keep growing, the number of devices being brought into the workplace is rising and networks are becoming more distributed.  “Good” backup for many large companies rarely means backing up everything that’s valuable to the business.   It’s more likely to mean that the data deemed ‘backupable’ got captured without anything timing out or falling over.

Today, businesses are often surprised at what is now possible to back up with a wide range of EMC products and services that span the data protection continuum.  Having previously given up on trying to protect data at the edges of the network, many of our customers discover they can redefine what ‘good’ data protection looks like.

With Mozy now included as a core component of the EMC Data Protection Suite, customers may now protect data that previously was deemed too difficult or expensive to safeguard. Mozy’s secure cloud data protection solutions have made it even easier to automatically protect endpoints and remote servers, which are often outside of the traditional corporate network.

This quarter, EMC is introducing a number of new features that extend Mozy’s capabilities for businesses and raises the benchmark of what a ‘great’ data protection strategy looks like.

Firstly, we’re expanding the diversity of platforms we protect by adding support for Linux servers. With Mozy already capable of protecting both Windows and Mac servers, we now extend our public cloud data protection solution to the Linux platform.

But that’s not all we’re announcing. Mozy is also making the data protection journey to the cloud even more secure with the addition of three new features:

1) Corporate Key Support for Mozy Sync

2) Enhanced LDAP Support

3) HIPAA Compliant Data Protection

These new features further extend the possibilities of public cloud backup and access by enabling you to simply and securely sync business data across desktops, laptops and mobile devices, seamlessly provision and manage the Mozy backup service via tighter integration with LDAP, and ensure patient information is protected in compliance with US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations related to the safeguarding and confidentiality of personal health care information.

What’s great is that you can now get all this from a single provider who supports your data protection strategy, whether that includes private, public, or hybrid clouds. EMC customers can extend the reach of their coverage from one end of the data protection continuum to the other without inadvertently creating silos and the resulting accidental architectures.

We’d encourage you to look at your backup strategy and ask, “Am I content with ‘good’ today, or do I have a plan to get even better tomorrow?”  Because, at EMC, we understand ‘good’ – but we prefer ‘great’ and are here to assist you on every step of that journey.

About the Author: Gytis Barzdukas

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