Data Protection Everywhere – Why Is It So Important in Today’s Modern Data Center?

We are entering into a new age. No, it’s not another ice age, so no need to grab your coat and boots. This age brings no snow, but yields an ever-increasing presence of clouds. Let me explain. I am referring to the age of the modern data center. Over the past 15 years, IT has worked in a relatively predictable manner. However, all of this has started to change. Disruptive forces such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things have transformed the way applications are built and utilized.

data protection

The modern data center refers to the future of IT infrastructure. Companies must transform in order to deliver on their customers ever-growing expectations, and data is going to be the competitive differentiator for businesses over the next decade. Something of such importance should be kept safe and protected. This calls for a data protection strategy that acknowledges the current landscape because it is likely that customers will need to continue supporting their current environments, as well as transform for next generation infrastructure initiatives.

DP Everywhere 2As we enter this period, there are a couple of questions you must ask yourself to prepare for the transformation at large. Where does your data live? What are your data requirements? The fact of the matter is that neither of these questions are easily answered. Most businesses are managing their data and applications in multiple places, with differing requirements. They are living in two completely different worlds, in search of a strategy that meets their current business needs, yet also takes advantage of new approaches with technologies required to transform for the future. This confirms the need for data protection everywhere, across all consumption models. Whether your data lives on-premise, in virtualized environments, in a hybrid or public cloud, or across an assortment of these- all data must be protected. At the same time, protection and availability of your data is dictated by required service levels for recoverability, employing supporting technologies from replication to snapshot to backup and archive. Protection should be based on the value of the data being protected and align to your business objectives. All things considered, businesses can no longer rely on a one size fits all solution to protect their data.

Sound a little complex? Luckily, EMC is bridging the gap between the traditional and modern world with solutions that are flexible and comprehensive. Embrace this new age and prepare to get comfortable with change!

About the Author: Meredith Soper