Data is on a growth binge, are you equipped? [Infographic]

Data is coming from more sources and there is greater variety in the types of data being collected. Those game-changing factors present questions about how enterprises can analyze big data in order to act on it. Not to mention, once you have it, how do you store it all?

The volume of data that enterprises will be managing in the next five years is staggering. Gartner estimates that information volume is growing at 59 percent annually. But volume is just a slice of the challenge and it’s important to avoid a myopic approach to information management.

“Information managers must fundamentally rethink their approach to data by planning for all the dimensions of information management," said Mark Beyer, research vice president at Gartner in a news release related to a June big data report.

"IT leaders must educate their business counterparts on the challenges, while ensuring some degree of control and coordination so that the big-data opportunity doesn't become big-data chaos, which may raise compliance risks, increase costs and create yet more silos," Beyer added.

Dell storage solutions include hardware, software and services that can help manage big data.

Data growth infographic

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