Data Domain Customer Service Update!

As part of EMC’s commitment to continuous improvement of your overall service experience, we recently announced our plans to align Data Domain support processes and tools with EMC standards. We are proceeding according to plan and will complete the alignment on February 9, 2014.

The changes will provide you with a consistent customer service experience across all EMC products within your environment. For those of you who own both Data Domain and other EMC products, these changes will simplify and unify the way you contact EMC Customer Service, create Service Requests (support cases), and gain access to product resources. DD image.jpg

Summary of Changes

• The support portal will be retired and customers and partners will use EMC Online Support, including the EMC Support App, for access to online support resources.

• EMC Live Chat will continue to be available via EMC Online Support and can be used to quickly open a service request (case) online.

• Telephone service and call handling will be centralized. Dial the same EMC Customer Service number for all EMC products. A service representative will collect the necessary information to open your service request and route to the next available technical resource to assist.

• Service Level Objectives and a standard escalation process have already been implemented as outlined in the EMC Customer Support Guide.


In preparation for the February 9, 2014  transition, please complete the following actions as soon as possible:

1. If you do not already have access to EMC Online Support, register immediately at Data Domain content will not be available until February 9, but preregistration is imperative so your account can be fully activated prior to cutover. Users:  You may already have an EMC Online Support account and not be aware of it. Before registering for a new account, try to log in at with your credentials to verify access. If you are prompted to register, please do so.

2. Visit the online support transition page for access to additional information and resources, including the Quick Reference Guide for EMC Data Domain Customers, where you will find important information for setting up your account preferences, frequently asked questions, and more.

3. Post your technical questions for expert advice in the NEW Data Domain Support Community Forum and join the conversation.

We will continue to serve you according to current processes and tools until the cut-over and are dedicated to making this a seamless transition.

Holly Anderson

Social Media & Community Strategy, Customer Service Innovation Team

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Holly Anderson

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