Customers reveal how they harness technology to help create a more efficient enterprise

It’s great to be able to talk to customers and listen to their challenges. That’s how we captured all this video footage across the globe– just visiting our customers and hearing how they are embracing technology to meet their business challenges.

The first video showcases customers discussing how they are streamlining design and deployment by working with Dell Services to implement efficient and more manageable IT solutions. We spoke to a number of executives from large enterprises and public organisations, including the European Patent Office, Pensions First,, and Lotus Racing.

They told us how Dell’s focus on standardisation and the flexibility it offers is key to their success. Several participants mentioned that the knowledge and expertise Dell consultants brought to the project gave their organisation the opportunity to focus on business innovation. Some were impressed with the leadership Dell Services provided, while others talked about how business-ready solutions from Dell increased efficiency over the IT lifecycle. Listen to what they had to say:

Another video series looks at the hot topic of the Virtual Era and Cloud Computing. Customers told us how they are using virtualization to enhance business opportunities. By virtualizing their datacentres, organisations can significantly reduce server count and raise server utilisation, plus they find that easier management frees up time for strategic work.

One customer talked about how virtualization not only saved millions of dollars in hardware replacement, but also helped the company reduce its carbon footprint by drastically cutting the energy needed to power and cool the datacentre. Others stressed the importance of Dell’s ability to simplify their IT infrastructures, saving time and increasing opportunities for innovation.

Here’s what they said:

About the Author: Kathy Mahady