Good as Gold: EMC Introduces Syncplicity Customer Success Program

Today marks EMC’s Total Customer Experience Day, a special occasion to reinforce EMC’s commitment to providing customers and partners the very best experience in the industry.  Focusing on the Total Customer Experience is rooted in EMC’s DNA.  Staying closely engaged with customers and partners is not only a finely-honed blend of art and science, but also key to the success of our customers, and helping them not only anticipate, but also tackle both challenges and opportunities.

From that cloth emerges today’s news … today we introduce the EMC Syncplicity Customer Success Program, a gold standard service available to all Syncplicity enterprise customers. In fact, enterprise customers are automatically enrolled – there are no contracts to negotiate or fees to pay. Why? The value of user engagement is priceless. More importantly, it’s our most critical metric of success.

We’re driven to provide value at first click, which involves not only elegant technology and experience, but relationships with our customers based on transparency and trust. Our customers are uber-connected, active, and engaging, which is why our Customer Success Program is nearly limitless. This means we’re able to support our customers from pre-project discovery all the way through IT readiness. Customers also have access to a team of dedicated and highly experienced customer success experts to help implement proven best practices and programs that are customized to meet their user adoption and engagement goals. Acorda Therapeutics tells a great story about how they worked with our team to generate excitement around their internal Syncplicity launch:

Get (IT) Ready                                                                                                  

Deploying a new file sync and share system can be a large undertaking. To create a frictionless onboarding experience for IT, administrators and end-users, we provide customers with an IT readiness package that trains IT departments on system infrastructure changes, helps set up security and administrative controls and ensures compliance requirements are met. The team works hand-in-hand with IT and administrators to set objectives and configure a best-fit deployment method that will drive adoption.

Get (Users) Onboard    

Unlike any other program in the industry, we provide IT with guidance and support to drive user engagement. We leverage best practices, and marketing materials, such as email nurture campaigns, kick-off events and tips and tricks designed to helps raise internal awareness and drive adoption. Utilizing contextually relevant use cases we work with our customers to create expansion and engagement programs to seed Syncplicity into other areas of the business.

Additionally, Syncplicity is introducing Syncplicity University, a free, online educational portal open to all customers looking for additional information. The University includes how-to videos and step-by-step product guides for a quick and easy reference.

It’s through programs like this, and the EMC Total Customer Experience Day, that give customers confidence knowing EMC has their back so they can focus on what really matters – their work.

About the Author: Jeetu Patel