Customer Service: Not Just For The Boys!

Gender diversity – and diversity overall – is high on many companies’ agenda, for very good reasons: it’s a win-win all over. Employees show higher motivation in a diverse team, teams are more successful and so is the employer.

A company looking for candidates can be very creative in developing a comprehensive program to attract talents and obtain the desired diverse teams it is looking for. Still, there will be roles for which this is going to be difficult to achieve.

Why would talented female professionals choose a career in Customer Service? Most roles are technical in nature, in a male dominated environment (team mates, customers). Whatever the role, it’s a demanding job: solving customer issues most of the time, with sometimes (rightly so) upset clients, in a fast paced high tech environment where products constantly refresh…the list of challenges

is long…not as long as the list of motivations eight EMC Customer Service field professionals show. Listen to Susanne in Germany, Liliana in Israel, Gwladys in France, Laura in Spain, Marte in Norway, Elizabeth in the UK, Helga and Luresha in South Africa sharing openly their experience in EMC Customer Service. Their recommendations are invaluable to anyone considering a career in Customer Service.

You will then most certainly understand why Customer service is not just for the boys!


Bernadette Paillaud

EMEA Customer Service Marketing

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