Customer satisfaction goes up as risk of downtime falls at Host Europe

image When we talk to CIOs and IT Directors, they tell us time and time again, that their worst fear is unplanned downtime – especially at peak times. For many companies even a few minutes of infrastructure failure can be disastrous, with serious consequences to the business’s bottom line and its reputation. For hosting firms, this is important as their whole business is built upon delivering maximum uptime to their customers.

When Host Europe spoke to us about protecting its environment for more than 200,000 customers, the IT team told us that they needed a comprehensive support package that would not only offer a quick response to any issues, but also proactively monitor the environment to keep processes and hardware running at peak efficiency, before problems developed.

With Dell ProSupport Enterprise-Wide Contract (EWC), Patrick Pulvermueller, Managing Director at Host Europe has an extra pair of eyes on its virtualized environment at all times in the form of a Service Delivery Manager (SDM) from Dell. The SDM provides a single point of contact, tracks incidents, manages resources needed to resolve issues and offers proactive advice for issue prevention for example, when there was a software compatibility issue: “One call got things rolling within 10 minutes, and we received updates every 30 minutes. The process worked just how we hoped it would,” says Pulvermueller.

Crucially, Host Europe works with their Service Delivery Manager to assesses support processes and regularly draw up recommendations for improvement. Together, they’ve put together a tailored support plan, to help the company meet its strategic business goals.

It’s exceptionally gratifying to see that this work has paid off – Host Europe’s customer satisfaction and retention levels are now higher than ever before.

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About the Author: Kathy Mahady