Customer in Asia goes global with support from OEM Solutions

Helping our OEM Solutions customers scale and consistently support their solutions globally is one of the key reasons that companies do business with us. As an example, a current OEM customer based in China, is a global networking and telecommunications equipment supplier with over $28 billion USD in revenue last year. They came to Dell OEM Solutions because they needed a trusted provider with an infrastructure that could help them get the right level of support for their global footprint.

Dell OEM Solutions worked with them to tailor a custom support program to meet their unique needs—one that combines different Dell Services including support, consulting and managed services.

  • Because the customer needed to simplify their support resources, we’ve provided them with a Service Delivery Manager through our ProSupport with Enterprise-wide contract offering which gives them a single point of escalation for local and global incidents, as well as proactive monthly service reports.
  • With their unique staging environment and need to simplify their field deployment resources, we designed a managed service around the availability of a standby engineer who provides installation services and project management in their staging center to ensure that their products are complete before shipping abroad—making them ready to use right out of the box at their end-locations.
  • With the help of Dell’s configuration services, this customer is also able to get to market quicker and save costs through our in-factory integration of different parts and our ability to help them rebrand the products for easier deployment by one of its subsidiary companies.

As a long-time customer, we continue to explore supply chain consulting opportunities to help them further refine the right approach to running a global business, something that is particularly critical for many of our Asian customers. Whether based in North America, Europe, Asia or elsewhere, Dell’s OEM Solutions has a unique value proposition that we can tailor to fit OEM’s strategies.

If you are interested in learning more about our OEM Services and Support capabilities, please contact a Dell OEM representative.

About the Author: Christy Ma