CRN recommends the Precision T1600

This week, we are excited to share a great recent review from CRN of the Dell Precision T1600, which said the system “delivered excellent performance, generous options and a small footprint. That's why the Precision T1600 is a CRN Test Center recommended product.”

In addition to offering high marks for performance, the reviewer rated it as the fastest production PC to ever come through the CRN test Center. Here are a few comments from the review of the Precision T1600:

“Also impressive in terms of system performance, the T1600 turned in a Geekbench 2.2 score of 14,891, knocking the T1500 to second place on our list of all-time production PC performers. The T1500 we tested was built around the Intel Core i7 quad-core part, and scored 9,286.”

“When measuring video performance using Standard Performance Evaluation Corp.'s Viewperf 11, the Precision T1600 handled video rendering as well as or slightly better than any testbed machine we've seen.”

“Servicing the system's innards got easier since the T1500. Replacing the older model's thumbscrews is a single latch that allows the lockable side panel to be removed without screws. No tools are needed inside either, thanks to plastic spring-clip mounting rails for the internal drives and spring-loaded locking mechanisms for external drives and expansion cards.”

Congratulations to the entire Precision team! 

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