Countdown to MyQuotes: A Message from Gregg Ambulos

A message to EMC Partners on the launch of the MyQuotes solution from Gregg Ambulos, EMC Senior Vice President of Global Channel Sales.

Welcome to 2016! To kick off the New Year, I’m happy to write to you about our new quoting solution, MyQuotes, which will go live on January 10th!

In response to your feedback, with MyQuotes you’ll:

See big improvements in the quoting experience and overall ease of doing business with EMC
Work in the same quoting tool as your EMC Sales teams
Experience increased automation and faster approvals in a better looking and easier-to-use tool

Access these short, web-based trainings for a look at the new capabilities offered through MyQuotes.

Thank you in advance for your adoption of this new system, which has been designed to deliver more seamless quoting experience.

As you start to use MyQuotes, we know you will have questions. We have invested in our Partner Support Centers to ensure they are trained and ready to support you. I encourage you to reach out for help.

Happy New Year.

Jennifer Hoye

About the Author: Jennifer Hoye