Converged Infrastructure: The Key to Business Agility

Business success often depends on a company’s ability to turn on a dime. But overly complex IT and overburdened staff can make it difficult to react quickly to new opportunities. Does this sound familiar?

Converged infrastructure helps to boost business agility

Your company needs to be able to move quickly and seize the moment to thrive in an ever-changing business environment. Converged infrastructure can help you achieve that goal.

Converged infrastructure solutions can speed deployment and unify management. Unified management enables more comprehensive insight into resource utilization, which can help you scale your resources, respond quickly to changes in demand and plan effectively. You can use converged solutions to eliminate infrastructure silos, reduce the number of stand-alone components in your IT environment and pursue opportunities that require fast turnaround time.

The research behind the solutions

Your business can realize a wide range of benefits from converged infrastructure, including cost savings, improved resource utilization and higher application availability, according to IDC research:

In IDC’s study, “The Future-Ready Enterprise: Driving Business Results Today While Preparing for the Challenges of Tomorrow,” the analyst firm surveyed various organizations and grouped them into four categories of future-readiness — Future Creator, Future Focused, Future Aware and Current Focused — based on their technology portfolios. The Future Creators (18 percent of the total number of organizations) had more of the advanced technologies, such as converged infrastructure solutions, in their portfolios. At the other end of the scale, Current Focused companies had adopted fewer or no future-ready technologies.

Future Creators report better productivity, greater ability to innovate and financial savings. They understand that by investing in future-ready solutions, they’re addressing both today’s challenges and future requirements:

  • Growth management: The most forward-looking companies use converged infrastructure as the foundation for multiple applications. They also use unified management to  track resource consumption more effectively, which enables them to predict capacity requirements more accurately.
  • Accelerated deployment: Converged infrastructure cuts deployment time and risk, enabling companies to take on new challenges with greater confidence.
  • Increased innovation: Converged solutions and unified management reduce the time it takes to plan and manage  IT operations. This can equate to more time for  new projects.

Future-ready organizations “are more likely to consider their IT infrastructure as a way to drive business agility and productivity and treat it as a source of differentiation and competitive advantage,” according to IDC.

Ready to take action? 

See how future-ready IT drives business results today. Download the IDC study, review other future-ready articles to assess your future readiness and plan your next steps.

Source: IDC customer research sponsored by Dell, “The Future-Ready Enterprise: Driving Business Results Today While Preparing for the Challenges of Tomorrow,” October 2015.

About the Author: Scott Horst