Consumerization is coming – is your enterprise ready? [infographic]

According to Gartner, the client virtualization market is forecasted to grow to 70M seats by 2014. The expected growth is driven, in part, by new workforce transformation trends: an increase in mobile workers and the consumerization of IT.

IDC says 1/3 of the workforce will be mobile in developed countries by 2013. Business and IT professionals have to figure out how to deliver applications and data to the workforce – now being populated more and more by millennials – remotely and securely.

The consumerization of IT has changed the way employees view their IT resources at work. Consumers are used to choice, customization, and the power of retail devices. The breadth of choice and functionality and applications of consumer devices are driving similar access expectations at work. 

Dell desktop virtualization infographic

In 2011, the first students to grow-up with the Internet will graduate from college and enter the workforce. They have not known a world without the Internet. They are accustomed to always being connected, and having access to social media – any time and through multiple devices. They want to leverage the power of social media in the workplace and they don’t want to be constrained in how they use their IT tools and devices, or the organization’s.

IT professionals must determine how to increase client innovation while being more efficient with their IT budget.  Today, the market spends about $1.2T on IT infrastructure.  Of that $1.2T, around 80% of it is spend on maintenance: IT services (including internal labor), software (i.e. management tools) and middleware that connects various systems together.  The only way for organizations to keep up with these trends and remain competitive in the workforce is to shift IT budget from maintenance to innovation.

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