Connecting people, not just applications

As cloud computing vendors continue to develop solutions that help customers take advantage of new solutions, the theme of “community” becomes more readily apparent. Here at Dell Boomi, we look to help our customers take advantage of cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) to help achieve greater efficiency, as well as give them the power to start using new cloud and SaaS applications while connecting them to existing ones. By exploring new capabilities, we’re learning more by connecting people than by simply connecting applications. It is by harnessing the collective intelligence and experiences of global adopters of SaaS that we are able to help simplify other’s paths to the cloud and accelerate adoption.

While it’s vital to provide customers with solutions and products that exceed their needs and expectations, we also want to provide them with the tools they need to help their own businesses grow and thrive. I have to believe that many businesses have benefitted from shared experiences, and heeded advice from others who have blazed the trail before them. That’s what we’re seeing here with customers using cloud integration services; those that built data maps to applications before are sharing these maps with their peers.

As cloud computing continues to evolve, we’re constantly searching for opportunities to better the integration experience for our customers. That’s why I’m so proud of the way we’re connecting our customers through the Boomi Suggest tool, which gives them the ability to share previous integrations with each other. Boomi Suggest is unique in that, as users build and deploy integrations, our tools will suggest previous data mappings that have worked for users in similar situations. So our customers’ successes become blueprints for future integrations, simplifying the next person’s path to the cloud. Dell Boomi has helped foster this sense of community, enabling customers to harness the collective intelligence and experiences of adopters of SaaS.

This aspect of community has become an important factor in growing the adoption of cloud computing, and Boomi Suggest has created such a community that allows developers to build a platform, ISVs to contribute to it, and businesses to employ it. When I look at the various tools that are available to cloud computing users, I can’t help but realize: one of the major advantages of cloud computing lies in the power of community.

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