Comprehensive printer management made easy: Watch Dell’s OpenManage Printer Manager v2 in action

Managing a fleet of printers can be a stressful and time-consuming task for an IT department, especially when you are dealing over 50 printers of different brands and models, running on multiple operating systems. That’s where Dell’s OpenManage™ Printer Manager (OMPM) v2 comes in.

The powerful printer fleet management tool allows you to monitor, manage and report on the status of your network printers (Dell and non-Dell brand printers) both quickly and easily. OMPM v2 is a web-based application that provides a central source for real-time data and status points for decision making and preventative actions, all in a user-friendly graphic interface that can be personalized to meet your specific business needs.

 The video below provides a simple tutorial on how to use Dell’s OMPM v2 and demonstrates all the features and benefits of the tool that are likely to be of interest to you.

Manage a fleet of network printers with Dell OpenManage Printer Manager

With OMPM v2, you’ll find that you can rapidly reduce IT workload, reduce management costs and enhance user productivity. Learn more about the software and download it for free by visiting the Dell OpenManage ,Printer Manager landing page.

If you have any questions about OMPM v2 or would like to share your experiences using the tool, please comment directly on the blog.

About the Author: Orlando Lacayo