Compellent Replay Manager 7.0 with VMware VM Support provides reliable recovery

 Posted on behalf of Nick Sweere, Product Marketing Manager

To say storage administrators are concerned about reliable backup processes is an extreme understatement, considering the massive amounts of application data that is produced today and the significant cost of data loss.  Are you looking for a solution that can easily manage and recover data that is simple to use and budget-friendly?  Better yet, maybe you are seeking the peace of mind that will let you leave the office for a period of time without worrying about potential data loss.  Dell Compellent can address these concerns by helping you boost data protection with built-in, integrated features that support local and remote data recovery.

The foundation of Compellent data protection capabilities is space-efficient snapshots called Replays. These readable and writable Replays capture only incremental changes, are automatically stored on lower cost drives and can be used to recover most volumes to a server in seconds, therefore providing quick backups, cost-efficient storage and almost instantaneous recovery.  Compellent Replay Manager is easy to use and supports your Microsoft VSS Applications including Exchange, SQL and Hyper-V. 

Now, the new Compellent Replay Manager 7.0 also integrates with your VMware vCenter to take VM consistent Replays of running VMware virtual machines (VMs). Through integration with your VMware vCenter APIs, Replay Manager quiesces or pauses IO activity between your server and storage for the VMware VM, allowing for consistent and thin Replays for reliable recovery.  With VMware Tools and integrated VSS support, Microsoft applications such as SQL Server and Exchange running within the VM are also quiesced.  Replay Manager 7.0 also adds application consistency support to Microsoft Exchange 2013 environments.

Do you realize that in the short time it took you to read this, you could have set up your own Replay schedule?  If you are at the Dell Enterprise Forum this week, please attend our Replay Manager session today at 4:20pm, I look forward to seeing you there.   We are interested to hear about your data recovery challenges and how Replay Manager can help meet your RTOs and RPOs, so stop by the Geek Bar or reach out to us @Dell Compellent on Twitter.  

About the Author: Michelle Richard