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EMC is the world’s largest data protection company, and it’s only natural that we would have the world’s largest user group for data protection.  To facilitate this sense of community, EMC and Intel are hosting the 2014 EMC Data Protection User Group series. EMC data protection solutions are powered by Intel, making Intel a key partner and sponsor for these events. 


The series kicked off last week in the Nordics, across Sweden, Norway and Finland. Apparently the Nordics region was the place to be as both the Rolling Stones and Metallica were on tour at the same time as our user groups. Coincidence? I’ll let you decide ☺. I can’t promise such famous acts will continue to tour on our schedule. But I can promise that the event series will start this week in the US. In total we will visit 68 cities – 30 in the US and 38 between Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Asia and Australia. You can find the global schedule here. The agenda is structured in such a way to balance formal lecture with time to interact among your peers and EMC experts. We will give you a view into our current data protection strategy and then we will share current and future product strategy across key use cases. This is your opportunity to talk with your peers to discuss best practices and find out how others have deployed EMC data protection solutions. But we don’t want the conversation to end there. This is where the EMC Community Network comes to play. If you aren’t already a member, the EMC Community Network is our way to connect you with the global data protection community, including fellow data protection users and EMC experts. We hope you will continue to exchange ideas and share your best practices through this virtual community. Even if you can’t be at a user group event, don’t worry. We will host pictures from the different local events on the EMC Community Network here, and we will continue the discussion online here. So whether you are physically there, no worries – you can join in online. To give you a couple of faces behind this program, our very own stars Mark Galpin and Sebastian Yiang prepared a short video to explain the series. Now hopefully you are interested in finding an event near you. Click here to find a city close to you. And if you aren’t already, you can also join the EMC Community Network by clicking here. I hope we will welcome thousands of new members to our data protection community this year – including you.

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