Come see us at QuakeCon, the “Woodstock of Gaming”

QuakeCon, known as the “Woodstock of Gaming,” takes place every year in Dallas, Texas. This year from August 1-4, at the Hotel Anatole, thousands of gamers from all over the world will be in attendance. Since 2009, Dell has supported this event from the tablets at check-in to the PCs in the tournament area to the servers and networking infrastructure behind the scenes. This intense and exciting gaming convention is free and open to the public and a great opportunity for gamers to collaborate with each other and with QuakeCon’s partners.

As one of the pioneers of PC Gaming, Alienware is a huge part of this event. This year QuakeCon will feature 110 Alienware X51 desktops, Alienware and Dell monitors, and TactX mice and keyboards in its competition area. QuakeCon chooses to use award-winning Alienware hardware in their competition area because of its innovative engineering, aggressive design, and the most advanced components in the industry. Even registration is running on Latitude tablets and Dell laptops.

Just as importantly, behind the curtain Dell is playing huge role as well. Nine Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers are running the backbone infrastructure and routing loads of all the traffic – 4,000 plus connections and continuous load balancing on the system. On top of that, the Dell servers will be used to power the tournament network and handle all of the loads associated with hosting the QLive games, game play needs and casters shadowing.

QuakeCon uses some of these Dell servers to run a small VMware cloud to do the load balancing across multiple servers. This allows them to handle any type of failure during the conference. Reliable failovers are especially important for an event with thousands of attendees at their keyboards all at once, and all day long.

Alienware has its own area in the BYOC section where attendees will be able to check out the newest lineup of laptops, compete for prizes, purchase accessories and swag, and sign up for an account for a chance to win a new Alienware 14 laptop. If you bring your own Alienware to the BYOC, we will give you something unique as a thank you for being a customer.  Here’s a video from last year just to give you a taste of what the infrastructure manager called “controlled chaos.”

Hope to see you there!