How to collect files for EMC Isilon Technical Support

Collect Files for EMC Isilon Technical SupportWhen working with EMC Isilon Technical Support to troubleshoot an issue with your cluster, you may be asked to send your cluster’s log and configuration files to an Isilon Support Engineer. To do this, you’ll need to run a process to collect this information. This process creates a single file that contains all of your cluster’s log and configuration information. This file is then automatically uploaded to the Isilon FTP site where the Support Engineer can access it.

To start this process, follow one of these procedures:

  • From the OneFS web administration interface:
    • In OneFS 7.0.x through 7.1, go to Help > Diagnostics and click Start Gather
    • In OneFS 6.0.x through 6.5.x, go to Help > Diagnostics > Gather Info and click Start Gather
  • From the OneFS command-line interface, run the isi_gather_info command

For more information

Watch the video “How to Collect Files for EMC Isilon Technical Support” for a demonstration of these procedures.

This video is based on the popular Knowledgebase (KB) article “How to collect node information, including log files” (log in to the EMC Online Support site to view this article). The KB article provides a written description of these procedures and links to related articles such as “How to upload files to Isilon Technical Support”.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Kirsten Gantenbein, a Senior Technical Writer at EMC Isilon.

Log and configuration files can help EMC Isilon Technical Support troubleshoot and resolve issues with your cluster.

In this video, we look at how to collect these files using the Isilon OneFS web administration interface and the command line interface.

First let’s use the OneFS web administration interface.

Log in to any node in your cluster using the root account.

Depending on the version of OneFS you’re running, the next step is different.

On OneFS 7.0 and later, click Help then click Diagnostics.

On OneFS 6.5 and earlier, click Help, point to Diagnostics, and then click Gather Info.

The steps are the same for all versions from this point. We’ll continue this demonstration on OneFS 7.0.

Click Start Gather.

It takes several minutes to gather the log and configuration files.

In the Log section, click Expand to see when each stage of the gather process is complete.

When the gather process is complete, the files are automatically uploaded to the Isilon FTP site.

The Archived Info Manager section contains a list of gathered files, the date they were gathered, and the size of the file.

You can also use the command line to gather log and configuration files.

Open an SSH connection to any node in the cluster and log in using the root account.

Run the isi_gather_info command.

The gather process begins and progress information appears.

As with the web administration interface, the process takes several minutes.

When the gather process is complete, the files are automatically uploaded to the Isilon FTP site.

For a list of additional options, run the isi_gather_info –h command.

For a written description of how to gather log and configuration files, see the following knowledge base article.

If you need assistance with this procedure, contact EMC Isilon Technical Support.

Thanks for watching.

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