Clouds are just as (in)secure as everything else!

Over at ComputerWorld, Frank Hayes wrote a great piece about some simple conceptual facts about security as it relates to Cloud solutions. He makes a good point… sure, Clouds can be insecure, but so can everything else! Of course bad, lazy, rushed, or poorly defined programming can lead to freight train wide holes in online applications and corporate IT systems. Why can’t the same issues plague clouds?

We need to stress the importance of good work, and Frank points that out in his piece. In the meantime, there are hundreds, nay, thousands of third party providers of add-on security products for cloud services, including some intriguing identity management solutions. I have high hopes for the future, but I also worry about the evil geniuses who manage to stay ten moves ahead of the honest folk when it comes to securing the cloud.

What are you doing to secure your cloud solutions? Do you have some add-on we should all know about? Please respond below so we can all learn from your experiences.

About the Author: Franklin Flint