Client Virtualization Simplifies Management, Saves on TCO

As server virtualization gains traction in the data center, a new form of virtualization is starting to make headway on the desktop: client virtualization. At Dell, we use the term Dell Flexible Computing to refer to our family of desktop virtualization solutions. The big idea behind all of them is that they can simplify day-to-day client management tasks such as the deployment, patching, and migration of images, applications, and data. They can also simplify tasks related to security, regulatory compliance, and recovery, which are becoming more and more complicated, as workers employ more and more different client devices to remotely access the network.

Because Dell Flexible Computing simplifies desktop operations, it reduces costs. For example, the Dell Virtual Remote Desktop solution can cut those costs by an average of 40 percent, and pay for itself within six months.

We’ve also simplified the process of learning about this exciting new technology. For starters, visit our Inside IT blog to view a five-part education series for beginners. Or, for more detail, check out the recent article in ”Flexible Computing: Advancing End-User Productivity with Centralized Control” in the November issue of Dell Power Solutions.

About the Author: Robert Ayala