Chinese Blog: Another Way to Share and Interact in the Chinese Support Community

A Glance at the Chinese Support Community

As part of EMC’s multilingual support communities and the first non-English community on ECN, the Chinese Support Community has been growing quickly since its full launch in May 2012 and continues to gain momentum. With excellent operation, effective adoption, and good word-of-mouth among its users, over the past 14 months the Chinese Support Community has become the #1 choice for many Chinese customers and partners for getting information, interacting with their peers, and learning more about EMC products and related technologies from many shared content assets – all in their native language.

Chinese Blog Kickoff

Chinese_Blog_copy.pngIn order to further enrich the Chinese Support Community content and bring user interaction to the next level, we kicked off the new Chinese Support Blog in late March of this year with much excitement.  Aside from common attributes regular blogs have, we have invited various teams throughout EMC China to contribute blog articles as a collaborative effort, which helps ensure the quality and delivery consistency of the content shared with our community members. At present, we already have experts from EMC China CS Innovation and EMC China Field Support teams committed to sharing valuable information and hands-on experience from their perspectives. We have been connecting with more teams who have interests in blogging and will join us in the near future.

Here are some of the highlights that you can expect to see from the Chinese Support Community Blog:

  • Real-world experience on EMC products and related technologies
  • News and updates on EMC customer services, the Support Community and our social networks
  • A well-designed monthly newsletter encompassing featured content or events taking place in the Chinese Support Community. Click here to download a sample PDF of this newsletter!
  • Tips on using core functionalities of the ECN and introduction to new enhancements

If you can read both English and Chinese, visit this page to view all our Chinese blogs and bookmark it to stay updated on future postings. I bet you will like them!

Looking to the Future

Moving forward, we encourage and welcome more individuals and teams to share their experiences and thought leadership with the broad group of members in Chinese community via blogs, which will definitely help shape our Chinese Support Community into a focused platform of online interaction accompanied by high quality content, excellent support experience, and animated user engagement.

If you would like to submit any suggestions for topics for future articles on the Chinese Support Community Blog, please enter your comments below.

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Customer Service Innovation | Global Services | EMC

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